Adv. Yuval Bar Dov


Office phone: +972-3-7979999
Location: Shalom Tower, 9 Ehad Haam st, Tel Aviv.

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Adv. Yuval Bar Dov

Yuval Bar-Dov specializes in family law, personal status, inheritance, and wills. Yuval represented the Eizenberg group in Hungary between 1989-1990. Yuval is the former Head of Real Estate Department in our firm and handled various real estate transactions, both in Israel and abroad. Prior to this position, Adv. Bar Dov owned a private law firm that specialized in civil and commercial law, real estate law, non-profit organizations, family law, and litigation.
Yuval completed his internship at the legal department of I.B.M. Israel and Shein, Hunter, Martin Law Offices, where he later worked as an associate.

Education: LL.B., Tel Aviv University, B.A. (magna cum laude), Tel Aviv University, M.A. in Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, M.B.A., Tel Aviv University.

Admitted to the Israel Bar in 1995.

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