Litigation Department

The litigation department, headed by Adv. Sharon Dayan, handles a variety of cases in the fields of civil law, commercial law, contract law, tort law, intellectual property, libel, arbitration, mediation, appeals, etc., in all types of litigation channels in Israel.

The department is one of the leading of its kind, and has vast experience in representing clients before the courts, specializing in appeals to the Supreme Court as well as complex, high profile cases of public interest.  

The litigation department represents both private and corporate bodies, and its clients receive close professional legal support, anytime and anywhere. 

The Litigation Department deals with the following subjects, among others:

Managing large and complex financial claims. The Department provides close legal support throughout the legal process, beginning with filing a lawsuit, through the preliminary procedures and submission of affidavits, and ending with the examination of witnesses and drafting of summaries. The department is also experienced in managing appeals before the higher courts.


The department has vast experience in managing arbitrations as well, both commercial and international. The department is also experienced in managing arbitrations in the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration, and representing clients in proceedings under The Arbitration Law – 1968.


The Litigation Department has vast experience in dealing with contract claims, based on agreements between sides, as well as tort claims, which do not require an agreement. The department has specific expertise in breach of agreement claims, compensation for breach of agreement, declarative claims, agreement enforcement, negligence, tortious interference with contract, etc.



Our office also specializes in advising shareholders or other corporate officials regarding power struggles in corporations, including derivative claims, minority oppression claims, information claims, etc.



The department also has vast experience in lawsuits based on slander and libel.

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