Municipality and Municipal Taxation Department

Today, it is difficult to find any kind of activity, whether it be business-related, public, or private, that does not include municipal aspects that require an ongoing and long-term relationship with one or more municipalities.

Managing these cases at a high professional standard, with determination and based on experience and close familiarity with the authorities and their work methods saves our clients a great deal of money and helps them achieve their objectives and goals quickly and efficiently.

The department handles filing complex and unique class-action lawsuits against municipalities.

The department works in a precise, thorough, and innovative manner, and always aims to achieve the best possible outcome for the client, as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The main services offered by the department are as follows:

Ongoing legal support in submitting offers for tenders and all that the process entails (examining the legality and reasonableness of the conditions, participating in preliminary proceedings, interpreting tender documents, etc.), managing legal proceedings regarding the tender process and its results.



Property tax, fees and tolls, betterment tax, filing class action lawsuits against municipalities.


Managing legal proceedings against municipalities regarding all aspects of expropriation of land, including legality of the proceedings and compensation claims.


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