Labor and Employment Law Department

The department provides a variety of legal services in the fields of contractual, collective, administrative and disciplinary labor law, while protecting the interests of our clients, and adapting the consultation to suit the changing rulings of the labor courts.

We specialize in accompanying clients in the regional and national labor courts, and are experienced in devoted and professional representation, beginning with preparing legal opinions regarding the risk involved in the proceedings, through drafting court documents and preliminary requests and ending with representing clients in court, preparing them for cross-examination and carrying out cross-examinations. We also specialize in representing clients in negotiations leading up to compromise agreements, and in mediation or arbitration proceedings outside of the courts.


We specialize in accompanying clients in hearings and disciplinary proceedings in the Disciplinary Courts.


The department provides clients comprehensive services in all matters of drafting, editing and updating private employment contracts, including senior employee contracts, temporary work employer and employee contracts, service providers, freelancers, etc. In addition, we provide services regarding negotiations, up until the signing/updating of collective agreements, retirement agreements, convalescence agreements, settlements and additions to special collective factory agreements in large work places.


As part of our ongoing work with business clients; we provide immediate answers and solutions to all problems relating to employers’ conduct towards employees, with maximal availability via telephone, cellphone and e-mail, while keeping in constant contact with human resource personnel. In this framework, we provide continuous response in a number of fields, including: protective labor laws, hearings before dismissal, sexual harassment, protection of privacy, prohibition of discrimination, supervision of temporary workers, trade unions, and more.


The Labor and Employment Law Department provides services concerning the establishment and improvement of employee policies, while tailoring them according to a corporation’s characteristics – its corporate structure, employee community, corporate environment and business objectives. The establishment of procedures is carried out in full cooperation with the client, while examining the rules and regulations that apply to the organization, and evaluating the level of exposure to legal, economical and reputational risk.

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