Family Law Department

The Family Law Department, headed by Adv. Yuval Bar-Dov, specializes in family law, personal status law, the rights and obligations deriving from familial status, wills, and inheritance. The department deals with a wide variety of subjects regarding agreements as well as representation in family law and personal status law disputes:

Representation in procedures relating to spouses and children in family courts, rabbinical courts, and courts of appeals, in property lawsuits (accompanied by accountants, appraisers and actuaries), alimony, visitations/parenting schedules, custody/parental responsibility, “Ketubah” and divorce claims, and annulment of marriages between members of different religions.


Drafting prenuptial agreements, marital property agreements, divorce settlement agreements, and those between common-law couples, defending marital property agreements, cohabitation agreements, and divorce agreements, and contesting agreements after they are approved by the courts.


Drawing wills, applications for probate of wills and succession orders, attacking and opposing wills, attacking and opposing succession, managing estates.


The department has vast experience in complicated cases in matters concerning common property: real estate and property registered in the names of both spouses in Israel and abroad, real estate and property registered in the name of one of the spouses or a third person on his behalf, businesses in Israel and abroad, shares and options, personal and corporate reputation of one of the spouses, differences in earning potential, mixed and assimilated pre-marriage property, inheritance and gifts that become common property.


The department has vast experience in paternity cases including: paternity tests in complex situations (for instance, after a “parent’s” death), “sperm theft”, etc.

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