Real Estate Department

The firm’s real estate department, headed by Adv. Dalit Shraga, handles all matters concerning real estate, including entrepreneurship, planning, development, construction, marketing, and management of residents’ rights in projects of all types. In their work, our attorneys implement years of experience that the department has accumulated in the field of real estate. The department is known for its high standard of service and close and personal relationship with clients.

The real estate department advises entrepreneurs, real estate companies, industrial companies, governmental companies, governmental and municipal authorities, municipalities, grantees of national infrastructure projects, private clients both Israeli and foreign, and companies that invest in, and/or own real estate. In addition, the department provides professional support in the field of real estate, in both transactions and litigation.

The real estate department handles all aspects and stages of real estate projects, including planning, establishment, settling in of tenants, managing of rights and project registration – beginning with the approval of projects in the various planning authorities and obtaining construction permits, through financing the project, its construction, and marketing (selling or renting), obtaining the needed approvals for the completion and settling in of residents, including managing the rights of residents, and ending with the registration of the project at the Land Registry. The department also takes part in negotiations with third parties, including land owners, contractors, municipalities, planning bodies, etc.

The legal department handles the following subjects, among others:

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Including those relating to: “combination” transactions, sales, purchase and leasing transactions, purchasing groups and evacuations and demolitions, National Outline Plan 38, construction defect litigation, and more.


Representing clients before the various planning bodies, appeals committees and administrative and civil courts.


Legal support for private entrepreneurs and companies regarding the establishment and marketing of housing projects and/or commercial projects and/or offices, in all legal aspects relating to the project, beginning with competing in tenders and/or purchasing rights, and ending with registering the condominium and appropriation of the assets to buyers. The real estate department assists some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the market.


Entrepreneurs and investors from overseas in carrying out real estate transactions in Israel, assistance in allocating properties, necessary actions needed for purchasing property rights, assistance in establishing projects, selling them, and renting them.


Legal support regarding land expropriation and planning damages, including the execution of expropriation and expropriation compensation.


Legal advice in matters relating to property tax and municipal tax, including betterment and development taxes, on behalf of authorities, land owners, entrepreneurs, and buyers.


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