Mediation and Arbitration Department

The Mediation and Arbitration Department was established in 2014 and is headed by Adv. Dr. Daniel Sperling. The department provides mediation and arbitration services in a number of fields, while putting an emphasis on professional, reliable, and efficient service. While court proceedings take time and are expensive for the client, alternate forms of dispute resolution prove to be more effective. Mediation allows the two sides to completely control the legal outcome of their dispute, and draft for themselves, with the help of a mediator, the understandings and agreements that will apply to them. In this way, not only are they personally responsible for the outcome of their dispute, but they subject themselves to an outcome they themselves draft. This significant fact is completely different from what goes on in court – there the judge rules in favor of one side and against the other. In mediation, the sides take equal part in the process that leads to a solution, and arrive at an outcome that is good for both sides.

The department offers specialized services derived from the expertise of the department head, Adv. Dr. Daniel Sperling. Adv. Dr. Sperling holds a doctorate in Health Law and Bioethics. He has been serving as a lecturer and researcher on the subject for over ten years, and is internationally renowned in the field. Adv. Dr. Sperling has vast experience and knowledge in medical malpractice mediation, mediation in tort law, and with regard to disputes related to health rights under the National Health Insurance Act and the Social Insurance Institute. The department also provides services in attorney-client fee disputes, especially arising in connection with tort law attorneys.



The Department provides mediation services in a wide variety of claims and disputes in the field of civil and commercial law, including contract law, partnership law, relations between suppliers and clients, business disputes, consumerism law, property law, and more. In this context, the department and its head, Adv. Dr. Daniel Sperling, receives referrals from various civil courts in Israel for possible resolution by mediation.


Another area which is growing dramatically in recent years, concerns the settlement of disputes between spouses and between family members. The department provides various services to resolve disputes between married couples – whether religiously or civilly married. The department also deals with the creation or dissolution of partnership agreements establishing common law relationships. A special emphasis is given to new families and same-sex families and to disputes relating to these forms of relationships.


The firm offers mediation services in the field of labor relations between employees to employers, between the employees themselves, and in terms of the professional activities, including, new positions, resignation or dismissal, fulfillment of social benefits such as sick leave, vacation as well as provisions of insurance policies and funds. In addition, the firm provides dispute resolution services regarding disputes over issues involving sexual harassment at work and the creation of hostile and discriminatory workplace.

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